How does it work

    Putting up memories
    1. Go to the 'Share Your Memory' tab/section of the website
    2. Fill in the various fields with Title, Your Memory, Name/Occupation, Age (optional)
    3. You can select from the drop down fields of Date/Themes/Location how it relates to your memory
    4. As for images:
    a) If you have your own original image that you would like to upload, please select a high resolution photo
    b) If you are using a photo which is attributed to another person (i.e. from Flickr Creative Commons), please attach the image and attribute the photo and the link to the photo in your memory
    c) If you do not wish to upload a photo, it is fine but a moderator will put an image to reflect your memory from Flickr Creative Commons

    Using Filters to make your search easier!
    Numerous filters have been created in order to allow you, the user, to specify which types of memories you would like to view. You can explore the memories by All Memories, Highlights, Famous Figures, and Video.
    You can also refine your search criteria to make it more specific for your use. On the bottom of the screen, you will see a Refine by section whereby you can select/de-select certain filters: Date, Themes and Location.
    Beside each of these tabs is a small arrow that expands to give you a list of Dates, Themes and/or Location. If you would like to select one or more of these themes, click once and your choice will go green. You may go to other tabs and create a more specified search.
    You can use the Reset button to view all memories and have no filters.
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